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The name '채은(Chae-eun)' is that since 2008 year to 2024 year totally 16,501 people was birthed in Korea.
Boys are totally 5, Girls are totally 16,496 persons.
'채은' is a style of Girl name.
Most birthed season is Spring.
Girl name ranking is 29 of 33,159.
This name 'Chae-eun' is a beautiful korean name.
Boy name ranking is 9,428 of 44,159.
The Long-term trend of the name '채은' of is falling,
3-years recent trend is falling.
The 채은's Romaji(English) Expression is 'Chae-eun'.
Other english spelling variations of this name are
Chae Eun , Chae En , Che Eun , Che En  

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Chinese Characters Information

Your can make meanings of this name Chae-eun with combinations of chinese characters(with meaning).

Chinese characters for Korean name (채 12)

to pick,to pluck,to collect
8 Strokes
11 Strokes
14 Strokes
to pick,to pluck,to collect
12 Strokes
a fief, cemetery
11 Strokes
feudal estate
11 Strokes
17 Strokes
silk, pattern
14 Strokes
14 Strokes
10 Strokes
11 Strokes
13 Strokes

Chinese characters for Korean name (은 9)

10 Strokes
14 Strokes
limit,border,river bank
11 Strokes
dark red
10 Strokes
respectful,to speak gently
15 Strokes
14 Strokes
limit,border,river bank
9 Strokes
22 Strokes
14 Strokes

Annual birth count(person) of Chae-eun

The black stacked bar area is a estimated value of 2024 year
that is divided by the real time cumulative daily birth count of this year and multiplied by 365(366 at leap year).
If count is under 10, it will not provided.

Annual Popularity(Adjusted) of Chae-eunNew

The annual Popularities were standardized by 2019 year's birth count,
So you can check actual Popularities.

Boy name Popularity of Chae-eun

Girl name Popularity of Chae-eun

Boy name ranking of Chae-eun

Since 2008 to 2024, Boy name ranking chart.
At 2022, The rank was 3203.

Girl name ranking of Chae-eun

Since 2008 to 2024, Girl name ranking chart.
At 2012year, The rank was 22.

Seasonal Ratio(person) of Chae-eun

Gender Ratio(person) of Chae-eun


Korean City Ratio(person) of Chae-eun

Questions or opinions of the name 채은 (Chae-eun)

원채은2020-09-14 16:16:10 (GMT+09)

채은이는 그저 빛

김채은2020-12-30 12:10:35 (GMT+09)

인정인정 채은이들은 다 이쁘고 착함

이채은2021-01-30 08:05:46 (GMT+09)

채은이 만만세

문채은2021-07-09 19:02:30 (GMT+09)

채은이들 화이팅 :)

김채은2021-08-08 18:50:52 (GMT+09)

울산이 3.4퍼?!

이채은2021-08-17 18:40:37 (GMT+09)

캘 채, 은혜 은 손들어

안채은2021-11-02 13:02:01 (GMT+09)

별로 맘에 안들어..

함채은2022-03-29 18:35:38 (GMT+09)

여윽시 ㅎㅎ

송채은2023-03-09 16:16:15 (GMT+09)

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 여기 모든 채은이들 다 모였네

김채은2023-04-11 10:44:23 (GMT+09)

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이채은2024-03-09 08:13:19 (GMT+09)

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